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Pool League Management System

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LeagueSys is retired. Contact the BCAPL immediately for new LMS system.
What is LeagueSys?
LeagueSys® is a web-based service that provides League Operators with tools to manage their league operations and promotes league growth. Simply enter your information into the easy-to-understand forms and we do the rest for you.
  • Your league stats are handled your way and presented in reports that your players understand.
  • Only an internet connection is needed. There are no special system or software requirements for your computer. Once on the web, you have everything you need.
  • Manage your league from your home, office or any location where there is internet access.
  • Your web-based management system is secure. No one else can see or edit your information. Your player's information is protected. Your data is always safe and secure on the LeagueSys servers.
  • LeagueSys, with suggestions from operators, will provide continuous growth to your management system for years to come.
  • Operators Package
    · Free Service
    · Complete Set of Reports

  • Players Package
    · Subscription Service
    · Players Web Site
    · Deluxe Set of Reports
    · Financial Management
Operators Package
  • Free - All League Operators can use the Operators Package at no cost for sanctioned division play.
  • No More submitting League Stats Reports by Mail - All stats are automatically filed with Nationals..
  • Run your League your Way - No changes on how you run your league.
  • Ready - All existing League Player information for your league is ready for your use.
  • Easy - Form navigation is a simple point and click.
    · Forms presented in a top-down structure.
    · On-Line Help.
  • Secure - Only you or who you authorize can login.
    · Password protected
    · Only you can see the reports and print them.
    · Option to show player's partial name to protect your players identification.
  • Complete - All the tools required to manage your league are included.
  • Game Features - All types of game formats
    · Multiple scoring methods
    · Three methods of handicapping
    · Career stats carried forward
    · Whole or Decimal Numbers displayed
  • Standard Report Features - A complete set of reports
    · Division Schedules - see the session in a snap shot.
    · Team Rosters - captains, members, house subs
    · Team Standings - 17 different ways
    · Player Stats by Rank - 10 different ways
    · Player Stats by Team - Stats grouped by team
    · Player Information - locate players when necessary.
Players Package
  • All Features in the Operators Package and More...
  • Web Site - Your own League web site for your players
  • Control - You decide what is seen on the web
  • Real-Time - No posting of stats. All posting of information is automatic. A real money saver.
  • Expansion - Improved services to more league players
  • Efficient - No duplication of effort or communications
  • Already have a Website? - use our special links and link up with us!
  • Deluxe Reports - in addition to Standard Reports...
    · This Week - Matches to play this week
    · Team History - Team analysis chart
    · Team Calendar - for the refrigerator
    · Division History - a blast from the past
    · Completed Score Sheets - with detailed results
    · Current Match Score Sheets - blank, printable score sheets with team member names and current handicaps
    · Location of Match - with a map from MapQuest
  • More Game Format Options - Got a format we do not support? We will and can!
  • Financial Management - the information is available, let's put to use!
    · Weekly Fees Paid and UnPaid
    · BCA/League Fees
    · What weeks did a player not pay? 
  • Subscription Fee - 25¢ per player per week played in a division. No Play, No Pay - Try before you buy.
    No charge for USAPL sanctioned divisions.


Administration Email - David May: davidmay@leaguesystems.net